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YITH WooCommerce Booking & Appointment v2.1.22 Free Download

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YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Nulled Download Free
YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin  (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce v2.1.22 Free Download
Version 2.1.22 (Latest Version)
Update 05 March, 2021
Category YITH WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Yithemes.com (Vendor: YITH)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Tired of losing customers due to a complex and ineffective booking system? Would you like to get more bookings and optimize your ability?

YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce is the plugin you are looking for! YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce was developed at the direct request of our customers and integrates a regular e-commerce shop created with WooCommerce with a simple booking system that can be used by both customers and sellers: this is ideal for everyone who cannot base their business on sales alone.

YITH Booking for WooCommerce is a plugin designed for real estate agencies and travel agencies, but not just for them! Hairdressers, doctors, business consultants and all those who can benefit from a booking system for trips, articles or appointments should give it a try!

YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce was one of our most requested plugins, which is why we were able to customize it to suit your needs!

This plugin allows you to create a dynamic booking system, the price is edited in real time according to the wishes of your customers. So you can organize your bookings by date, time period or season, number of people involved and much more.

YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce also allows you to conduct targeted searches on your website by using advanced search filters such as dates, number of bookings, location and services.

You will have a clear and effective view of the bookings on your website and the ability to organize your requests using a number of filters such as date, period, checkout date, name, family name and much more! You will also be able to export the bookings in your website in CSV, ICS or PDF and see the complete schedule of your work!

YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce plugin also offers many other features to help you customize and optimize your website, such as: B. a certain way of handling your booking e-mails, the possibility of adding a card, a detailed booking checkout system, an included booking topic, Google Calendar and synchronization with external booking services by ICS.


YITH Booking And Appointment For Woocommerce Features: –

  • Create unlimited bookable products
  • Set booking products as non-virtual to allow shipping for them
  • Configure All Day bookings
  • Set monthly, daily, hourly, and per-minute booking products
  • Create person types, services, and extra costs directly from the product page
  • Let users set the duration of the booking. Two methods available:
    • fixed: users can set the start date only
    • free choice: users can either choose the start and end date or the start date and the duration
  • Require the duration to be calculated by booking units of days, months or years
  • Set a minimum and maximum duration of the booking
  • Automatically approve all new bookings or review them before confirmation
  • Automatically reject bookings with the pending confirmation status
  • Automatically set paid bookings to complete after a certain amount of days
  • Allow users to cancel their booking until a specified term before the start date of the booking
  • Set the booking location (using Google API: towns and cities worldwide will be available)
  • Apply a base price to the booking
  • Apply an extra cost to the booking, which can be calculated based on the booking duration and on the number of people
  • Increase or decrease the booking cost based on the following factors:
    • pre-set time frames (e.g. high season and off-season)
    • number of people in the booking
    • duration of the booking
  • Multiply the cost by the number of people
  • Set an extra price for every person added to a specified value
  • Configure weekly, monthly, and last-minute discounts
  • Count people as separated bookings
  • Manage costs by person type range
  • Set a maximum number of bookings allowed on the same date
  • Buffer between two bookings
  • Set the first and last date available for the booking
  • Restrict availability to specified time frames
  • Set the first available time as time selected by default
  • Restrict availability to specified days of the week
  • Provide info about check-in and check-out
  • Possibility to show details of the booking price totals on frontend
  • Ask for the type of people during the booking process (create your own labels by age, marital status, membership, job, etc. e.g. adults, children and so on)
  • Offer additional services either for free or for an extra cost
  • Show/Hide included services on the booking form
  • Choose the date format for the date picker
  • Show the date picker inline
  • Add the map pointing to the location of the bookable product in product detail page
  • Create custom search forms
  • ‘Search for keyword’ in Search Forms
  • Search by tags in Booking Search Forms
  • Show the booking form in a widget
  • Booking form is auto-filled after clicking on the product in search results
  • Create a booking manually from the WordPress backend
  • Add private or customer notes to the booking
  • View the dedicated calendar by day or month to get an overview of all the bookings received
  • View booking availability in the calendar
  • View booking calendar for each booking product
  • Export bookings in CSV or ICS
  • Install and activate YITH Booking Theme
  • YITH Booking Theme:
    • possibility to hide any WordPress page title
    • possibility to reverse description position with short description in the single product page
    • possibility to use no-margin class for any Gutenberg block
  • Check ‘min/max duration’ option to choose whether it considers the minimum and maximum duration to show available dates in the calendar
  • Integrate Google Calendar to be synchronized with admin calendar
  • Auto-sync the calendar with services like Booking, Airbnb and HomeAway
  • Support to WPML multi-lingual and multi-currency



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