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YITH WooCommerce Auctions v2.0.11 Free Download

by FreeGPL
YITH WooCommerce Auctions Free Download
YITH WooCommerce Auctions Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name YITH WooCommerce Auctions v2.0.11 Free Download
Version 2.0.11 (Latest Version)
Update 10 March, 2021
Category YITH WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Yithemes.com (Vendor: YITH)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Users interested in auctions are moved and motivated by the chance of getting items at low prices to place a bid, which in most cases leads to an immediate price increase as soon as they are outbid.

Auctions are simple: anyone can place a bid on a specific product and if no other bid exceeds the previous one, they will be awarded the item. This enables buyers to get hold of products at the best price and allows sellers to make a profit that is sometimes greater than expected.

With our YITH WooCommerce Auction Plugin you can not only conduct auctions for your products, but thanks to the integration of our YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor you have the option of creating a real portal for online auctions that allows all your sellers to create their own auctions and let you participate in each of their sales.


YITH WooCommerce Auctions Features: –


  • Create an unlimited number of auction products for the shop:
    • Create standard auctions
    • Create reversed auctions
    • Create sealed auctions
    • Create auctions with a fee that the user has to pay before he can place a bid
    • Create auctions with ‘buy now’ option
    • Create auctions with a reserved price
  • See all auction products in a separate ‘auction list’ section
  • Export a csv file of the complete ‘auction list’
  • See auction status labels on auction list for current-, ended-, not started auctions etc.
  • Set a start price for the auction
  • Set the reserve price for the product: no one will win the auction below the specified amount
  • Set the start/end date and time for the auction
  • Change the date and time format for auction products
  • Add a countdown for each auction product on loop
  • Change the countdown style on the product pages for all auctions
  • Decide to show/hide several options on the auction product page
  • Enable automatic bidding when another user places a higher bid
  • Let users end the auction by purchasing the product via the ‘buy now’ option
  • Hide “buy now” button when a bid exceeds the auction reserve price
  • Hide “buy now” button after the first bid is placed on auction product
  • Override several general options on product level
  • Encrypt or show usernames when they make a bid on the product
  • Enable a popup to ask the user to confirm the bid before it is placed
  • Show a different badge for the highest bidder and/or winner
  • Enable showing a custom message for the winner on the product page
  • Enable a watchlist so users can add the product they are interested in to this list
  • Show watchlist, current-, past-, future- auctions in the sidebar using the widgets
  • Ban users from bidding
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when product doesn’t have any bids
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when bids don’t exceed the reserve price
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when the winner did not pay for the product
  • Choose to show or hide the auction products on your shop
  • Hide ended-/not started auction products on shop page
  • Extend the expiration date of an auction if a bid is placed a few minutes before its end
  • Show the complete list of auction products on any page of the site using the shortcode
  • Check all bids placed on a certain product from its product editing page
  • Update the auction page and ‘my auctions’ page automatically with Ajax to show new bids in real time
  • Send an automatic email to the user when:
    • the auction is closed
    • he/she won the auction
    • he/she lost the auction
    • he/she successfully placed a bid
    • his/her bid has been exceeded
    • his/her highest bid didn’t reach the reserve price
    • His/her bid has been deleted
    • he/she is not the winner of the auction
    • he/she won the auction, but hasn’t paid yet
  • Receive an automatic email when:
    • the auction expired and the product has no bids
    • the auction expired and the reserve price hasn’t been reached
    • the auction expired and has a winner
    • a customer successfully places a bid.
    • a bid has been removed
    • a product was rescheduled automatically
  • Daily Cron Job to resend failed emails to winners
  • Use the supported WPML Currency Switcher (not included)


  • make one or more bids for the product
  • raise his/her bid automatically based on the increase amount set by the administrator
  • check the complete list of placed bids directly from the “My auctions” page
  • purchase the product at a fixed price using the “Buy now” button
  • Customer can add auction products to their watchlist



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