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YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce v1.0.13 Free Download

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YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) Nulled Download Free
YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) v1.0.13 Free Download
Version 1.0.13 (Latest Version)
Update 05 March, 2021
Category YITH WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform Yithemes.com (Vendor: YITH)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Using YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS), you can turn your WooCommerce installation into an easy-to-use and powerful cash register for every type of store or business.

YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) works natively with WooCommerce and connects to your shop via the WooCommerce REST API. All orders placed via the POS register in the front end are automatically synchronized with the database of your WooCommerce installation, just like all other information on product stocks, customer data, etc.

The plugin enables the creation of endless branches (if you have to manage chain stores or franchising) and endless checkouts (like in a supermarket with several departments and special checkouts). For each cash register, you can set up multiple cashiers, customize receipts, set up the categories and products, activate certain payment methods, and more.

A complete order management system that allows you to apply discounts, coupon codes and surcharges and add notes to every product and order placed through the checkout.

An option that few of the available WooCommerce POS plugins can and that is a must for customers is the ability to split the payment of the order across different payment methods. Thanks to this function, you can give your customers the option of paying half with cash and the other half with a credit card.

With YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) plugin you can track all orders made via the POS cash register in a special view and download or print out a cash register final report with the orders and sales made.


YITH Point Of Sale For Woocommerce (POS) Features: –


  • Create a store in few steps through the Wizard setup
  • For every store you can:
    • add billing information (store name and VAT), address, contact details and social networks
    • enable/disable the Store
    • add and enable/disable specific POS Registers
    • check the status of Registers (closed/opened) and Cashiers currently logged in
    • customize multiple receipt templates
    • stock management on a product level for each store
    • choose one or more Store Managers and Cashiers
    • create new user accounts during the Store setup


  • Create as many POS Registers as you wish
  • enable/disable specific payment methods for each Register
  • show all products or just selected products or categories for each Register
  • show all products together or by category
  • enable product barcode scanning
  • assign specific Cashiers
  • enable printed receipts
  • choose one of custom receipt template
  • enable the register closure report


  • Mobile ready: save the POS page on your mobile device and open it as any other mobile app
  • Register screen:
    • Customize the login page
    • Upload a Store logo that will show up on the login page and in the Register screen
    • Preset discount keys
    • Customize the Register screen colours
    • View and filter products (all, on-sale, featured)
    • Search products by title, SKU and barcode
    • Activate the barcode scanner: just scan the barcode to add the product to the cart
    • Add a new product from the Register screen (if added by the Manager it could be saved for future sessions as well)
    • Associate the current order to an existing user or register a new user account during the Register session
    • Edit customer billing and shipping information before completing the payment
    • Freeze and save carts and add notes on them. You’ll be able to retrieve them later and let the customer finalise the purchase
    • Actions on the cart:
      • Empty the current cart
      • Edit the price of every single item in the cart
      • Add/edit notes on the cart or on every cart item
      • Apply discounts or fees
      • Apply coupon codes
      • Add shipping costs
    • Split payment: allow customers to use more than one payment method to pay for the same order
    • Easy and intuitive payment screen including total due, total paying, balance, change and smartly calculated amounts
    • Full screen option
    • Enable/disable the sound of product added to the cart
  • Add cash in hand: you can either add it when opening a Register and during the session
  • Register report: view all the Store orders sorted by date and filterable by register. You can view the order details and print the receipt once again.
  • View today’s profit of a POS register including login time, Cashiers logged in during the session, total cash in hand, total sales by payment method
  • Register closure: close the Register and download a closure report with today’s profit details and additional notes. Cashiers’ stats: time since login, number of orders created, sales total, download a report.


  • Dashboard integrated with WooCommerce Admin plugin where you can:
    • Show statistics by a custom date range
    • Filter orders and sales by store
    • Filter orders and sales by POS register
    • Show number of orders, net total, average order value, average products per order, number of products sold, new users, loyal customers, coupons used
    • Compare statistics with a previous time period or with the past year
    • Show sales report by day or week or month
    • Show sales in a line chart or bar chart
    • Show revenue by payment method
    • Show revenue by cashier
  • Filter orders by ‘placed through a POS system’ or ‘placed online’
  • Show in the order detail: store, POS register, cashier, and payment methods used.



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