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[v3.2.0] WPRuby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO Free Download

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Wpruby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO Free Download
Wpruby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name Wpruby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO v3.2.0 Free Download
Version 3.2.0 (Latest Version)
Update 16 April, 2021
Category Miscellaneous WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform wpruby.com (Vendor: WPRuby)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

Wpruby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO is the regularly updated, well-supported and affordable extension for calculating Australia Post shipping costs for WooCommerce.


Wpruby Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO Features: –

  • Domestic shipping
    All domestic shipping options are supported: regular mail, express mail and courier mail. You can deactivate / activate any or all of these options at any time.
  • Standard size and weight
    In case you don’t want to add weight and dimensions for all of the products you have, or you even neglected to add this information for one of the products. The plugin allows you to set a default weight and dimensions for your product in case this information is missing.
  • Debug mode
    Debug mode is an excellent tool for testing the plugin’s settings and shipping prices as the plugin is activated only for you. In addition, the debugging information is displayed on the checkout page when debug mode is enabled.
  • Shipping Time
    Give your shopping cart / checkout pages a professional look by displaying a delivery time estimate.
  • International Shipping
    A wide range of international shipping options are supported:
    • Economy Air
    • Economy Sea
    • Standard International
    • Express International
    • Courier International
  • Custom Title
    We strive to offer our customers a maximum of customization options. In addition to adding your own shipping boxes, you can rename the titles of all shipping options that appear on the Cart / Checkout pages.
  • Shipping Tracking
    Give your customers peace of mind by providing the Australia Post tracking number on the order page. A shipping tracking link will then be created in your account and included in the order emails.
  • Prepaid domestic shipping
    Domestic shipping makes shipping easy because you receive a fixed price in advance so you always know your postage costs.
  • Courier delivery
    As mentioned earlier, the plugin supports courier shipping and prepaid courier bags in case you need to deliver your product the same day. Note that the city-to-city courier network is available.
  • Handling fees and discounts
    When you either need to add a handling fee to your shipping order or you want to reduce shipping costs for your customers. We have set up an option for this where you can add a value to reduce or increase shipping costs. The value can be either a number or a percentage, positive for processing fees and negative for discounts.
  • Extra shipping
    Here is another feature that will give you or your customers peace of mind. You can activate the “Extra Cover” option so that if your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you will receive compensation.
  • Signature upon delivery
    Do you want to make sure that your package has been delivered to the right person? This is not a problem. Simply activate the option Signature on delivery.
  • Separate additional services
    Great. Another customization option. Sometimes you want your customers to be able to choose whether they want Extra Cover or Signature on Delivery when ordering. You only need to activate this option. But remember to activate Extra Cover or Signature on Delivery as well.
  • Show the cheapest options
    Get to the point and offer your customers the cheapest option without leaving them spoiled for choice between many options.
  • Contract prices
    Do you have contract pricing with Australia Post? With our plugin you can easily activate contract prices. The plugin supports both national and international shipping options for contract prices.
  • Shipping labels
    The most requested feature that we have ever received from the users of our plugin. The Labels Pro version of the plugin allows you to download shipping labels directly from the order page. Not only can you create a shipment in your Australia Post account and print the label in one step of any weight and dimensions. Printing multiple shipping labels for one order is also supported.
  • Live tracking
    Instead of redirecting the customer to the Australia Post page to see the tracking events, these events are now available on the customer account page in your shop and also on the order page in the admin area.



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