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WP Reset PRO v5.89 WordPress Plugin Free Download

by FreeGPL
WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin Nulled Download Free
WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin v5.89 Free Download
Version 5.89 (Latest Version)
Update 31 March, 2021
Category Miscellaneous WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform wpreset.com (Vendor: WP Reset)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin is a WordPress development tool for non-developers to speed up site deployment, testing, and recovery by controlling, resetting and restoring the WordPress environment in one click.

With WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin, one click site reset is as easy and as fast. Whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation just click “Reset” and wait a few seconds.


WP Reset PRO WordPress Plugin Features: –

Your own time machine

You clicked “Update Plugin” because why not? And everything went to hell Go back in time when everything worked with 1 click.

Install favorite plugins with 1 click

Build a collection of your favorite plugins & themes and install them after a website reset or whenever you create a website from scratch.

Your personal WP superhero

White screen. Nothing works! You screwed up so much crap that you can’t even get into WP admin anymore? No reason to worry! Just open the recovery tool.

More cleaning tools

We all hate when a theme demo installs so much demo data that it takes an hour to clean. WP Reset allows you to remove everything with one click.

Nuclear reset

Do you want to be sure that everything is gone? All options, all files, all custom database entries and tables? Then hit the nuclear reset button.

White label option

You don’t want the WebFactory logos to be displayed in the plugin? Would you also like to hide the license information? Just activate the white label option.

Automatic snapshots

Let WP Reset be your safety net. It takes automatic snapshots before any significant changes to your website, so you always have a safe point to restore the website to.

The cloud

Save collections and snapshots securely in the cloud controlled by the WP Reset team or use one of the popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or pCloud.

Centralized administration

Control all your licenses, websites, collections & snapshots from one place. All of your customer sites in one place, easily accessible and controllable.



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