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ClockGo SaaS v2.0.0 – Time Tracking Tool Free Download

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ClockGo SaaS - Time Tracking Tool Free Download
ClockGo SaaS – Time Tracking Tool Free Download


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Name ClockGo SaaS – Time Tracking Tool v2.0.0 Free Download
Version 2.0.0 (Latest Version)
Update 08 Jan, 2021
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Time tracking has never been easier. ClockGo SaaS – Time Tracking Tool lets you keep track of the time spent on each project through timer settings and manual setup. With charts and accumulated data, you can effectively manage your client’s and individual member’s time. With a SAAS version, you create plans with a super admin login.


ClockGo SaaS – Time Tracking Tool Features: –

Create plans and make payments – a special SAAS feature

With a super admin login, you can create plans that are best for your business model. Choose a suitable price and duration for the plan created. Make the payment with Stripe and Paypal. The plan will be deactivated if it is not renewed when it expires.


Get a visual representation of the time spent on different projects for any custom time range. The bar graph will help you get an accurate idea of the time spent on each project. You can also get a list of the top 10 activities for each period. While you can keep an eye on each project, you can also know your top project and your top teammates along with their respective timeframes. You can see the individual time invested behind each project and the percentage of work completed. Finally, you can draw useful conclusions from a pie chart of team members and projects.


This feature allows you to get an accurate picture of the time spent on each project on each day of a given week. You can also find out the total time spent on all projects together through this tool. You can also manually add your work to the timesheet by assigning start and end times to a specific project’s task.


You can keep track of the time spent working on a particular project and its task by starting a timer. You have the option to choose whether the work done is billable or not. Also, you can add the tracker manually by suggesting the start and end times to it. Again, you can customize the display of the sheet by selecting your preferred time period.


A visual representation is always better than a descriptive one. Get simple reports on time spent on different projects over a period of time. You can filter the projects and billing details for more accuracy. A bar graph provides a flawless representation of the time spent on each project. In addition, you will find a pie chart that shows the time spent on various projects for this specific period.

Also, you can access the summary of these tasks with an overview of the amount earned, time frame, users and tags. You can filter your search by selecting the customer, project, tags and billing type.

Project synopsis

Create new projects by assigning customers to them. You can also assign tasks and members to these projects. Add new tasks and assign estimated hours to them. Assign members and their billable rates, if applicable.

Additionally, you can customize the project settings by assigning the project’s color and billable rates. You can choose whether you want to leave the accounting settings at the default. Ultimately, you choose the way you want to track your projects, be it task-based or through manual estimation.

ClockGo also allows you to keep track of the status of any project. Analyze the proportion of tasks completed and the time frame remaining, the total billable and non-billable hours of work done, the amount earned, and the time left to complete a project.


Add new members and customers to your list. Assign billable rates to your members.

System settings

From the brand logo to the permissions and default settings, you control every aspect of this tool here. ClockGo is available in multiple languages for global usage.





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