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Best Free Security Plugins For WordPress Website 2021

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Best Free WordPress Security Plugins


Although WordPress is so popular but Websites based on WordPress have become a prime target of spammers and hackers. Although the platform is secure, you are never 100% safe from people with malicious intent. Most site owners believe that these malicious hackers only attack popular blogs and big companies. For this reason, they often underestimate the need to keep their sites safe and secure. The truth is that hackers don’t always attack websites to steal valuable personal data and information, or to build backlinks. There are times when they do it just for fun. This shows how evil hackers can be these days.

Even if your website is small, that doesn’t mean it’s safe from all forms of malicious attacks. Not taking preventative security measures can potentially cause these dangerous individuals to ruin your e-commerce or business site and search engine rankings.

Fortunately, there are many WordPress security add-ons that you can install to keep these hackers out. But with so many options available, choosing the right one to meet your needs can be daunting. To help you with that decision, We have narrowed down your choices by selecting five of the best security plugins: –


1. WordFence

WordFence is one of the most downloaded and best WordPress security plugins. Adding it to your site is easy and once you have it installed and activated, you can start tweaking its settings or take a step-by-step tour of your site with a guide on how to use the plugin.

The plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The basic free version is a good choice as it offers enough security measures to keep your site safe and away from spam lists. It comes with basic features like a malware scanner and a web application firewall. It can also protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks and will block anyone after many failed login attempts. It also gives users the ability to stop content fraud and attacks from a specific geographic area with the country blocking feature.

WordFence will provide you with multiple security options to meet the requirements of your website. But it does come with a downside. Its server is not cloud-based, but runs on your own server, putting a significant amount of load on it that can affect the performance of your WordPress website.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is another favourite WordPress security plugin among users of the platform. It’s a full-featured security solution for your website that offers protection from malware, SQL injections, and other brute-force attacks. It comes with many excellent features such as monitoring tools that you can easily use, auditing of security activities, and a full scanning module. It offers a website firewall, but unlike some competitors, you have to pay an additional fee for it of $9.99 per month.

The security plugin uses Cloudproxy servers where all your website traffic moves. All requests are then scanned to filter out any malicious requests it detects. The load on your server is reduced by Sucuri and not allowing malicious traffic to reach your site will improve its performance. Additionally, potential threats to your site are proactively reported to the WordPress team as well as other third-party plugins.

3. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a pretty good security plugin for WordPress. It claims to provide users with more than 30 ways to secure and protect their website. It has a one-click installation process where your website is protected instantly by stopping automated attacks. If you’re new to WordPress, this is something you may find appealing.

To further protect your website, iThemes Security limits the amount of failed login attempts. In addition, it will also send you notifications and email alerts of any new file updates so you know if someone else has made changes to your site. Also, if it detects that the IP address is rather suspicious, it will lock it down.

The plugin is armed with security features in its free version, including a global dashboard restriction mode and login URL blackout. Its premium version comes with more advanced features, such as a Google reCAPTCHA box and malware scanning.

4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

If you’re not well versed in advanced security settings, All In One WP Security & Firewall is perfect for you. This free WordPress security plugin is simple, but takes website protection to a different level. One of its greatest features is its classification for basic, intermediate, and advanced users, making it easy for anyone to use its various security settings.

All In One is quite easy to use and adds suggested protection methods to reduce security threats. On your dashboard, you’ll see a simple meter that displays the score showing how secure your website is. It also comes with a dashboard widget with recommendations on which features you should enable to protect your site.

The plugin offers protection against brute force attacks. It will also send you an email notification if someone is blocked after many failed login attempts. Additionally, you can schedule automatic backups and track your files for security scanner changes.

5. Shield Security for WordPress

Shield Security is a new player compared to other plugins with hundreds of thousands of active installations. However, their number of subscribers is increasing every day and with many useful features, it has received spectacular reviews, making it worthy of being included in our list.

This plugin is completely discreet. You can install it without having to make any changes to your website’s core files, thus providing you with additional options in case something goes wrong. It also comes with several built-in recovery options, but if all of these fail, you can completely delete the shield without damaging the integrity of your site via FTP.

This professional security plugin is powerful and reliable with features like username sharing restriction, login activity monitoring, an audit log where you can view other admins’ activities, reCaptcha, a firewall that you can easily toggle, fantastic support, and much more. You can download it for free or pay an extra $1 to upgrade to Shield Pro to get access to enhanced and exclusive features.


Final Thought: Keep in mind that you’re never completely safe online. As developers try to offer the best security features, hackers are relentless in finding ways to challenge your protections. Fortunately, these plugins can give your WordPress website maximum protection and prevent long-term damage.

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