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10+ Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

by FreeGPL
10 Best Free Magazine Wordpress Themes


Magazine websites are very popular these days, and best of all, you can launch them all on your own. You just need to get yourself one of the quality and preferably Free Magazine WordPress Themes.
We will share some of the best and free magazine WordPress themes that you can test on your site. Each one is beautiful in its own way, and since they’re all free, you can experiment with a handful of them at zero cost before selecting the one that’s truly perfect for your own needs.



1. IsleMag

IsleMag Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
IsleMag is a modern and friendly WordPress Theme for magazines of any kind. One of the interesting aspects here is that it comes with lots of carousel sliders. Actually, you can use a carousel in every section. The theme has a clean look, with colourful posts, a boxed layout, and a custom background.
IsleMag also delivers an easy-to-follow content, plus its widget, ad ready and Mobile responsive.



2. JustWrite

JustWrite Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
JustWrite is an awesome full-screen theme, with a modern, clean, and professional design that was made to fit big magazine brands. It uses large media elements, carousels, featured sliders, lots of ad spaces and interactive widgets, and a visually imposing appearance.
It has big sections that make your stories stand out and tons of modern elements that will invite you to explore more. This WordPress theme is mobile responsive too.



3. FlyMag

FlyMag Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
FlyMag is a clean and simple theme for magazines, with a multipurpose and responsive design. It has a minimalist yet interactive look, with draggable carousel sliders, image sliders, and a visual-friendly appearance overall. FlyMag is modern and puts your content first.




Silk Free Magazine Wordpress Theme

Silk is a beautiful and elegant theme for fashion magazines. It has a modern blogging layout and can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

The design is simple yet stylish and provides smooth animations. If you’re looking for some classy simplicity, Silk may be the one for you.



5. TrendMag

TrendMag Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
TrendMag is a very modern and classy theme for multiple magazine purposes, with an awesome and complex design that gives you the feeling of broad space.
It comes with parallax sections, a handful of interactive widgets, and an online shop. Overall, the content is organized and put into smartly placed sections and boxes, so it can be easily visible to the readers, and it is mobile responsive for sure!



6. Black & White

Black & White Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
If you need some stylish free magazine WordPress theme then this is perhaps the one for you. Everything comes in black and white. However, despite its modern look, it also has a vintage vibe and an elegant typography, plus a nice grid-like homepage.
Even though all about this theme is black and white, every item switches to full color when you hover over it. The theme is mobile responsive and mobile friendly too.



7. ProfitMag

ProfitMag Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
ProfitMag brings on the classic magazine design, perfect for general publications. It was made to display a high number of posts on the homepage, all grouped by categories and well organized.
The theme supports advertising spaces of all sizes, media galleries, slideshows, and featured sliders, and the content perfectly adapts to any kind of screen dimension.



8. Maggie Lite 

Maggie Lite Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
It is a friendly and colourful WordPress theme for news and magazines, with a clean, catchy and responsive design that comes with nicely organized content boxes and blocks. The theme provides a big full-width featured slider, various posts widgets, and slideshows.



9. Pencil

Pencil Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
Pencil is a simple and clean blogging theme, with a magazine-like layout and a multipurpose responsive design.
The theme is minimalist, modern, and uses the classic grid layout. The neat aspect puts your content in the spotlight. Pencil also offers a classy newsletter and contact form, along with ad spaces.



10. MH Edition Lite

MH Edition Lite Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
Another classic example of these free magazine WordPress themes, but still able to look modern and be very friendly with perfect adaptation to any screen on any kind of mobile device your visitors may use to browse your website.
MH Edition Lite comes with colorful buttons and bands, a boxed layout on a static custom background, nicely organized sections, news ticker and ad spaces, carousels, and featured slideshows. Edition is multipurpose and fits all kinds of topics.



11. Newsmag

NewsMag Free Magazine Wordpress Theme
Newsmag is a theme designed for professional magazines, likely to approach complex topics such as politics or economics.
It provides a nice draggable full-width slider and a neatly organized content. It is mobile responsive also. Newsmag’s design and layout will emphasize your content. Thanks to the clean and simple appearance of the theme.

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